Thursday, April 29, 2010

Last days

Difficult day today - last day of school. Difficult enough, but it was also "Sports Day" when the whole school traveled to a sport park and ran around in the sun all day - unusually hot and sunny. Then the buses broke down and they had to walk a mile or more back to school. Then the goodbyes...

Then several friends had the gall to try to give me little presents, which was terribly inconsiderate since it only makes me cry. Jeez, guys. I hope you'll understand that my inability to open them until I'm safely ensconced back in the States is only my own personal weakness; for all the English in my blood, I inherited no stiffness of upper lip and I prefer not to make a complete fool of myself. Oh wait, too late. I'm already "that" mum anyway, aren't I?

Violenschool families, we'll miss some of you more than we can possibly say.