Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Birthday, Dylan

Five years old. It's been a big year what with learning to read and write, as well as every possible factoid about dozens of dinosaurs. And Dylan was especially happy that his mommy has figured out in the last year where to buy more authentic cake mixes (although his aunts did bring some much-loved Betty Crocker from the States!).

Fortuitously, Dylan decided he wanted a Halloween birthday party; this may be the last time in his life he wants one thusly themed. He said he wanted (you must hear this in a sing-songy voice): "costume wearing... and pumpkin carving... and cake eating... and apple bobbing..."

While we didn't manage to deliver on all points, we did celebrate with some dinosaur cakejes, a bunch of craftsy Halloween decorations, and a ridiculously generous complement of gifts shuttled overseas by the aunts -- thanks Bongo and Grammie and aunts and uncles! (This is his "holy cow, that's a lot of presents" face.)

Proving that we're getting increasingly European in our childrearing, here's Aislin toasting Dylan's feestdag with a mimosa (if you can call Fanta Zero in a champagne flute a mimosa...).